Foliophoto - memories


So many of my vivid recent memories (say the last 10 years) have been around motherhood and my girl. Ten years, you ask - why Sandra, I thought that your daughter was only 7 years old. Yes, she's 7 but it took three crazy, wild, stressful years to finally have the girl. Some miscarriages, a couple of adoptions gone awry and then the girl. So yes, 10 years.

I have a photo of me holding the girl when she was 8 days old. I'm sitting in a chair in her bedroom and she's in my lap - just before taking her downstairs to her baby-naming ceremony. Tears are streaming down my face - happy tears as I couldn't believe that she was actually here.

But this photo isn't about THOSE memories. It's about when the girl was a baby. If you want to get all child development-ish, this is about the girl's first transitional object. That'd be Gigi the giraffe. 

Gigi went everywhere with the girl. She played with Gigi and slept with Gigi and napped with Gigi. 

I could not begin to imagine what would happen if Gigi disappeared so I did my detective work to find ANOTHER Gigi. Detective work was required because it was no longer carried in the shops.

A few phone calls to the head office and another Gigi was on the way. Actually TWO Gigi's because our original had been recalled due to faulty ear sewing. Safety first!

Gigi was retired years ago - replaced by something else. But these two Gigi's live on in a box at the top of the girl's closet.

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