Friday Salon

red balloon.JPG

This image is from a series of red balloon photos that I shot this week. More on Monday! 

So how was your week? Getting things done? Doing a little creating? Making things happen? Me too. 

The girl is in the midst of two weeks off from school so we have been ALL about board games and drawing and playing. Sleepovers too.

Down to the links.

THIS is how to use google image search.

Shut up and write the book.

Mickey Drexler vs. bloggers. Bloggers win.

Busy vs. boredom. Boredom wins.

Design vs. domestic violence. Design wins.

Paris then. And now. (it's in French so just move the red slider between the photos).

The Joker was an artist.

Learning to see. (via Swiss Miss).

THIS  is what success looks like.

Mad Men gets illustrated.

Tilda sleeps.

And this weekend? Seeing some friends and hanging out. You?