Foliophoto - Black and white

foliophotoblackand white.jpg

I seem to have picked up a lingering case of insomnia. Or perhaps my sleep patterns have changed. Maybe it's those early parenting years of interrupted sleep. Whatever it is, I certainly am not sleeping like I used to. 

I love sleep. Adore sleep. Love love love it. The bed is my friend. Linen sheets. High thread count cotton sheets. Pillow top king size mattress. Black out blinds. A womb room.

Lately, though, I've gone from 8 hours straight through to 4 hours asleep, then 2 hours awake, then 2 hours asleep. 

I don't get up during those couple of hours in the middle of the night. And the iPhone and iPad mini live in the room next door. But I do use a tiny book light and my e-reader. 

That'd be me huddled under the duvet so I don't wake the man. Huddled under the duvet with the book light and the e-reader and my favourite new book. Eventually going back to sleep.

This photo is part of the #foliophoto project run by me and Christie of Bedsidesign. Her black & white photo is over here

Each Tuesday we pick a word prompt. You have one week to take a photo inspired by that prompt. By the following Tuesday post it to Flickr and Instagram tagged with #foliophoto. I'm partial to Flickr but do post on Instagram. You can also take part in a #foliophoto link up - the linky tools will be available as part of Christie's Tuesday post.

The next prompt? Artificial