For the moment

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Can two weeks have already passed since I wrote about feeling overloaded and overcommitted? That flew by.

I'm feeling better. 

It's not because of anything falling off the table. One photography class ended to be replaced by Illustrator 101 and Map Design. And continuing on with Project 52 Pro (can you tell I'm in skill acquisition mode this year?).

It's not because I'm better organized or more efficient. Let me tell you that I AM an organized person. It's just one of those things that comes easily to me. You'd be surprised what I can cram into a day or a few hours. It's one of those two-edged swords strengths - just because I CAN take on a lot, doesn't mean that I SHOULD take it all on, right?

So if I'm not doing less and it's not possible to be MORE efficient, what's changed?

Well, something arrived in my inbox. It was email from Alexandra Franzen with the title "30+ Mantras for People Who Overwork, Overcommit, and Are Generally Terrified of 'Missing Out'". 

Hmmm....think I needed to take a look at that? Me who just MIGHT not wanna miss out on anything?

Yup. Read through them. And immediately copied down two, one of which heads up this post. 

I'm here now, and I'll be there later.

I've been trying to teach my 7 year old to be more patient. Perhaps I need a bit of that too. I am here NOW. Right now. Here I am with the skills and talents and opportunities and life that I have now. THERE? I'll be there later.

But I will be there.

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