Friday Salon

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It's been a domino week capped by a domino Friday - Creative Mornings (it's a ticket lottery here), street photography shoot with a friend, grocery run, pick up the girl from school, help "craft" 37 seder plates for her class, and then Friday night supper with the fave entree du jour, Mark Bittman's Citrus Chicken. Oh, and somewhere in there upload my photo assignment for Project 52.

I'll be putting my feet up tomorrow night. (Did you see my interview over at Smart Creative Women?)

Links, anyone?

Just take the picture

Forget Sandberg vs. Mayer, she INVENTED leaning in

Lego Stephen Hawking

An homage to Duchamp and I get to see it!

Speaking of NYC

Harry Crane's new look

A happy subway

This son loves his mother

Even "Girls" has its tropes

What will you stop, start, continue?

"A rollercoast ride to hell":

The weekend arrives. Going to see a Patrick Faigenbaum exhibit led by, of course, Patrick Faigenbaum. Board games with the girl and the man, pails of coffee and a walk or two in the sun. Finish up my map assignment (thinking water color) [<---- yes, I'll show you]. And general hanging out-age.

How about you?