Friday Salon - Mad Men Edition

Friday Salon Mad Men

It's not ALL Mad Men of course - I have other fashionable, design-y, stylish, and inspiring links to share. 

This past week I hosted another Raincoast Creative Salon. We met for our own signature Salon cocktail at a swanky outdoor lounge and then moved on to the Vancouver Art Gallery for a private tour of the Art Spiegelman exhibit. Then back for a few more drinks and some swell banter. Love the banter. Love getting together with creatives.

Love typography

Wanna be a photographer?

Barbie without make-up.

Now HERE'S a creative process.

The BEST fashion bloggers over 40.

Make crushing feedback work for you.

And now for the Mad Men links

Roger's best quips.

Mad Men in the 21st century.

Freud does Roger and Don.

Mad Men ads vs. the real ones.

Mad Men themes and symbols.

Mad Men fashion.

Matt Weiner talks season 6.

Mad Men's costume designer at home.

We're STILL using Mad Men technology.

Elizabeth Moss is made up for tv.

Between travel and colds I've fallen off the working out wagon. Getting back on this weekend. And here's a little confession - I WILL be watching the Masters Golf Tournament. I know - who knew I'm into golf? I know Augusta National Golf Course like the back of my hand.

I'll be breaking out the new flash for the camera and figuring out how to use it. And dreaming up some photo styling involved at least ONE baseball. I'm so NOT into baseball. What to do that's not a cliche...

What's the best post that YOU read this week? Lemme know so I can catch up on it too.