Face to Face Conversations are Different

Do you listen to podcasts? I recently listened to The Big Web Show interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss and Creative Mornings fame. I was lucky to hear her speak in person last August at ALTNYC. She is ALWAYS inspiring.

You know how I quote Ben Silberman of Pinterest: "surround yourself with people who inspire"? Tina has her own version: "surround yourself with smart, passionate, driven people". Amen to that, right?

Surround yourself with smart, passionate, driven people.

- Tina Roth Eisenberg

That desire for a smart, passionate, driven, inspiring community was the impetus for my salon series, Raincoast Creative Salon. And last week I hosted another one (the first one was at an artist's studio). 

So what are these Salons?

small creative gatherings introducing you to cool artists and interesting people in a social and informative setting. Think musical performances, dance, play-readings, magic, lectures - whatever I find that I KNOW will inspire, challenge, and entertain.

It's all about bringing people together through the arts. It's about getting offline and face-to-face with other creatives and makers who are go-getters making things happen. It's about building community.

And it's about the conversation.

Face to face conversations are different.

-Tina Roth Eisenberg

raincoast creative salon

I love switching up the venues AND the event/activity each Salon. 

This time we started off meeting for drinks and appys at Reflections Lounge. I knew it'd be a BIT of a gamble being outside this time of year - the patio heaters were going strong.

Speaking of drinks, they made us a special Salon cocktail - a gin-based whiskey sour type drink with nutmeg and almond liqueur and egg whites. That primed the pump!

raincoast creative salon

After some banter and yummy appy's and general catching up, we moved across the street to the Vancouver Art Gallery for a private guided tour of the Art Spiegelman exhibit. (Spiegelman helped make graphic novels mainstream).

raincoast creative salon

Then after the tour there were a few goodbyes and some of us returned to the lounge for more conversation. I have to be honest -  the activities and events are great but I love the conversations the most!

In the podcast interview Tina Roth Eisenberg succinctly put into words one of the driving values behind Raincoast Creative Salon - that "real connections are not made behind a screen".

"Real connections are not made behind a screen".

-Tina Roth Eisenberg

You know me - I love twitter and I have met SO many wonderful, smart, creative people online. Friendships that I'd never have made otherwise. But there's something special, something different about meeting face to face.