Foliophoto - a group's memories

Each week a number of us shoot a photograph using that week's #foliophoto word prompt and post it on instagram or flickr. (Christie of Bedsidesign and I started this project a few months ago). I love instagram and flickr is great too but seeing all of our photos together at once is inspiring.

I pulled together the photos created using the prompt "memories".

memories 3 Collage.jpg

Some are literal interpretions and some less tangible. Some colour and some black & white. DSLR's and camera phones. All unique. 

memories 2 Collage.jpg

Week by week different people take part - some have a photograph every week. I'm getting to know each person not through their words, not through conversation but through their images.

Want to join us next week? The prompt is "smile". Take a photo this week inspired by that word and post it on instagram (#foliphoto #smile) or flickr. Let's see what everyone comes up with!

Photo credits: Pomegranate and Seeds | Smidgebox Design | Palinode | Bedsidesign | Loisaida Nest | Inspiration Coop | Raincoast Creative Salon