Building community


I've been thinking about the reactions that I get from some people when they hear that I have a blog. It isn't always positive - do you get that too? Some have told me that "blogging is so dead and over". Others look at it like a huge waste of time. Or that social media is just a bunch of individuals bleating to strangers about their latest purchase or latte or pair of shoes.

In addition to creating this blog I also READ a lot of blogs. I read a lot of blogs on a number of different topics. Some I've started reading recently and some I've read for years. Years AND years. The topics? Fashion, history, feminism, academia, political science, food, photography, design, creativity, art, branding, decor, lifestyle, travel, museums.

When I DO talk about my blog to someone who neither reads nor writes one (and I don't share it with everyone - do you do this too?), I don't always know what to say. I don't always know what to say about WHY I do this. Why it matters to me.

But when I think about it, for me, a huge part of it is the community I've made. People with whom I can share quirky interests. People with whom I can banter about this or that. Commenters on some blogs that I've seen for years. Some I've met face-to-face and some I probably never will, but they all add so much to my life.

You see, when I'm bleating about a new pair of shoes or my latte or an article that I've read or an image that I've found, I'm not talking to a bunch of strangers, I'm talking to you. You on your iPhone on the way to work, you at the coffee place scrolling through your Feedly. You on your iPad while you are tweeting about the latest Mad Men episode. You at home late at night after the kids have gone to bed. I'm talking to you. 

It's all about community. And for that I am happy.