Friday Salon

NYC taxi.jpg

I had a SUPAH hard time narrowing down the links this week - I could have gone on forever. So much creative, arty, design-y goodness out there. Let's get right down to it.

The artist's journey.

Jenna Lyons & J Crew (and a panorama of her office!)

10 reasons to love Jenna even more!

"I'm a business hippie".

Turn your Vines into flipbooks.

Heisenberg in Vancouver.

Heisgenberg won't share the ending.

Let theanalysis-paralysis of Heisenberg begin.

Just give up already.

Just splurge already.

Men are less beautiful than they think.

As you read this I may be out having coffee with some other creative types here in Vancouver at Likemind. Do you have one in your town?

The weekend? I'm going all geeky and doing a full day workshop on Nikon camera speedlights. And I'll be on my best behaviour at a dinner with the man's work colleagues. Weather and sports anyone? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?