Foliophoto - twins


I struggled with what to do for this week's #foliophoto word prompt - twins. I had all sorts of ideas but then a cold worked its way through the man and the girl and I and the week zoomed by.

Last Thanksgiving we visited my sister at her farm. The girl (in pink) is running away with her twin cousins who are two years older. They played hide and seek in the hay for hours that day.

The girl is a city girl while her cousins are country girls. She's a huge extrovert while the twins are more introverted and a bit shy as well. They are pretty self-sufficient socially. 

The cousins are quite sweet. It's almost like being around deer - you need to wait for them to approach you or they'll scurry off. It took about a day and then the three of them were thick as thieves.


So get out your iPhone or Android or DSLR or whatever you can use to capture an image and join #foliophoto. The flickr group is here. Instagram with the hashtag #foliophoto. Join a link up at Christie's blog Besidesign and see her photograph.

Whatever you do, do it! Each week we pick a new word prompt on Tuesday and post it a week later. You'll be amazed at how such a simple thing will up YOUR photography and creativity game. And I can't WAIT each week to see everyone's photo.

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