Foliophoto - Smile

foliophoto smile.jpg

This is my guy. You know how it is when you're with someone and they know you - they REALLY know you?  They've seen you at your best - all those "best" reasons that caught their eye and made them fall in love with you.

This guy? He's seen me at my best. For sure. Seen me firing on all cylinders. Seen me on top of the world. And? He's seen me at my worst. Seen the white underbelly. Seen the parts that I wish weren't there. That I wish I'd grown out of, evolved from, and put LONG behind me.

And yet, he's still here and he's still smiling. Still laughing. Still making me laugh. No matter what.

Not a day goes by without me thanking my lucky stars that he had more guts than I did when we were at Trees on Granville Street for coffee back in the day. Enough guts to say that he thought he just might want to be more than friends.

Made me smile. Still smiling.

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