Friday Salon


MOMA lobby 2013

I'll start by saying that although I am judicious in my use of antibiotics, when you have strep throat, are they EVER the most miraculous creation known to mankind. After days of the throat progressing from tickle to shards of glass, within an hour of that first pill, relief was at hand. No wonder Alexander Fleming won the Nobel Prize. A big huzzah for science!

Of course we're starting out with a few Mad Men links...

Matt Weiner on Mad Men

Mad Men design.

Details, Mad Men, details.

Grammar police.

I wanna see this.

Sumo style.

Donald Judd at home.

Do we STILL need to map?

Make things happen.

Movies have a color palette.

Love these interior shots.

This weekend? Going to Got Craft? and checking out the handmade scene here in Vancouver. The girl has requested cupcake baking AND indoor rock climbing - I'll be happy to oblige her. And the usual Saturday morning crepe making.

Do you have any weekend rituals?