Offroad Blogging - with Erin of Art Social

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I love this quote from Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss:

"Real connections are not made behind a screen".

I'm THE biggest fan of social media but there is NOTHING like getting away from the screen and meeting up with people in real life. And not just anyone - fellow creatives who get what you are about. Like-minded people.

With that in mind, my series Offroad Blogging celebrates bloggers and others who are doing that very thing - taking their online community and making one offline.

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We've met Jen from Classic Play, Danielle from the Jealous Curator, Megan from the Fresh Exchange, and Gabriel from the Artful Desperado.

Today it's the charming and creative and talented Erin Cassidy of Art Social, a "blog with a little pop and pizzazz". She's also the author of the series Art One Oh One.

Describe your event

Eat Drink Create is a party for Colorado bloggers + creatives hosted by myself and Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. We'd both been waiting for an event in Colorado where creatives could connect with each other, but it just wasn't happening. So we decided to make it happen!

Eat Drink Create is exactly what it sounds like, we enjoy snacks, drinks, and a diy project. For the first one, we had popcorn, donut kabobs, Jarritos, and we made mini fringe lanterns.

We're planning for events every quarter. Summer and fall events are already in the works - so excited! While the first event was at West Elm, we'll be moving around to different spots in Denver. Each party will have its own unique vibe - the snacks, drinks, and diys will be different for each one.


Why do you think it's important to go offline and into real life?

The connections you make in person are always so powerful. I have wonderful/amazing/inspiring online friends, but getting to chat with someone in real life is good for your soul! There's something so special about finding someone in your city who knows exactly what you mean when you start talking about linkups, sponsorships, and other bloggy things. You know, it's not just you and your computer. There's a whole community of like-minded people in your city who get you. Having that local support system is invaluable and endlessly inspiring.


What was your biggest worry before starting your event?

That no one would come! Well, first my biggest worry was that The Proper Pinwheel would have zero interest in teaming up with me! She's amazing. I took a leap and I'm so glad I did. Then I was worried no one would come... but they did. Phew. Thank you.


What are you proud of having thought of ahead of time?

Having a photographer and videographer! I was so busy setting up and chatting, I would've ended up with like 3 instagrams if we didn't have a photographer there. Oh and the video Evergreen Lane Productions put together for us captures the party so perfectly. Check it out here. Eat Drink Create is definitely about connecting in real life, but as a blogger, it's still important to me to share it with my readers!


Why should people/bloggers come to your event?

It's the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers + creatives in a chill environment. I mean, snacks, drinks, diys, swag bags? So much fun, so many photo ops.


How do you know if it's been a success?

The response from everyone who attended was so wonderful and positive. Hearing that everyone had a great time is the best test of success I think... and reason to do it again!!


From idea to execution, how long did it take?

From when Lexy and I first started talking about it... roughly 2 months. Since this was the first one, we scheduled extra time to work with a graphic designer on branding. Plus we wanted to have plenty of time to reach out to brands about collaborating.


What is the most challenging part about putting on these events?

Hmm I'd have to say the final details are the most challenging part for me. There are certain things that can't be prepared ahead of time, like food and the tablescaping. That stresses me out. I'd LOVE to have everything done and ready to go ahead of time. That's impossible. It's really the ultimate exercise in creativity + letting go! It's good for me. :)

Love the suggestion of having someone in charge of taking photos - I've ended up with not enough photographs because I've been trying to "work the room" and chat (as a good host should). 

Having a community of like-minded people in your city who get you? How great would THAT be?

And how Erin describes it as the ultimate exercise in letting go - that's something that I keep having to learn again and again - trusting that you've done your bit and now you just need to let the event unfold.

Are you feeling inspired to host your own event? Or at least to attend one in your town? I wanna know!