Friday Salon

NYC 2013 March.jpg

Hello everyone. The past couple of weeks have been the exemplars of "live first, then blog". The girl's been off on spring break, so there's that. And then we zoomed off to NYC last week to see some theater and museums. General fun and creative inspiration. Lots of playing "The Game of Life" with the girl. Reading and drawing. Photography. Hanging out.

Things should be back to normal next week (or at least what passes for normal around here).

And I WILL tell you all about the NYC trip - one of my semi annual jaunts. The best part? I met

Bill Cunningham

! I KNOW, I can't believe it either. 

The links...

The women of Mad Men.

Jon Hamm on Don's evolution.

Do less AND get more done.

Protect your iPhone.

Minimalist Shakespeare.

More Oliver Jeffers.

Quentin Tarentino as Penguin Books.

Portraits of dummies.

Stop motion figure drawing.

Sleeping is dangerous. In an art museum, that is.

Ahhhh, the weekend. We were felled by a nasty cold the second night of Passover so tonight's the reprise at the request of the girl. There'll be some final preparations for my Salon next Tuesday. And some photography too.

How about you?