Friday Salon

This week taught me AGAIN that you really hafta be flexible. My big "to do" list was knocked down by the girl who was knocked down by the flu. Funnily enough, the world DIDN'T come to an end despite being out of commission for two days. What, you mean the world DOESN'T rest on my shoulders?


On to the links - there are a lot of video ones this week. I didn't plan it that way but that's what caught my eye.

Gob's chicken dance.

Jesse and b*tch.

Be MORE selfish. (via Schmutzie)

Pete Campbell falls!

Previously on Mad Men.

Real punks on the Met Gala.

I'm going here next year.

I jaywalk.

1927 London. In colour. (Thanks to Mirror Mirror)

"Sigh" at the Met.

Better than graffiti.

Star Trek meets Downton Abbey.

Spock vs. Spock (I'm partial to the original).

The history of typography.

It's a bit of a crazy weekend - by Monday night I'll have celebrated the man's birthday, Mother's Day, our anniversary AND hosted a Raincoast Creative Salon evening. Oh, and gone to a fundraiser for Capture Photography Festival. Phew! 

Next week there's another Offroad Blogging interview AND soon, my friends, a blog redesign will be unveiled. Everybody's doing it so why not jump on that bandwagon too. I needed some shaping up around here.

Have some fun this weekend!