Focus is flattering

focus is flattering 

I've had this quotation up on my bulletin board for a few months now. (Do you pin things up above your computer? I have two bulletin boards FULL of quotes and inspiration boards and garlands and pictures).

I see it every day. I read it most days. Have I REALLY let it sink in? Not so much.

Emily's post a few days ago on multitasking eminded me how far I am from this - this idea of focus. You see, I am SUCH a multitasker. I tend to take on a LOT and then work like crazy to get it all done.

But it isn't that efficient. I rotate between photoshop, illustrator, feedly, twitter, FB, gmail. Creating things, writing posts, responding to comments. Answering tweets.

Today is typical too - three loads of laundry plus a few errands. Shopping for a carpet for the living room, curtains for the bedroom and some wallpaper for the basement.

litting here and there and everywhere.

Time to focus.

PS Here's an experiment on focusing on creative work.

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