Friday Salon

friday salon graffiti alley

Well, I survived the week! Within two days we had Mother's Day, the man's birthday, our wedding anniversary AND another Raincoast Creative Salon. And just to make it interesting, the girl caught a super bad cold and flu and was home sick for four days before that.

I'm still smiling, my friends. I wasn't overly stressed. Am I growing up? I think it's because I've FINALLY learned to dial down the expectations AND the plans when it looks like it's going to be a dogpile.

Of course that wasn't the case for the Salon - always topnotch around here. I'll be sharing photos next week.

You exist for my pleasure.

Don vs. Ted.

Who IS Bob Benson?

You gotta pick the right seat!

99u conference highlights - part II.

Philosophy 101.

Abstract paintings, abstract models.

The worst room.

How to piss off New Yorkers.

So didja notice anything new around here? Like a little bit of blog designage? It's been a soft launch as I still have some fine-tuning to do - some tweekage here and there but I'm happy with it so far. Thanks to Melanie at Inward Facing Girl!

It's Queen Victoria's birthday this weekend. Know what that means, those of you not in the colonies? It's a three day weekend. In commie Canada we have a three day weekend every month of the year. The one in February is purely a made up holiday because that month didn't have one. 

I'll take it.