On art making and fear

Mandy Patinkin

I loved Mandy Patinkin in Yentl. I loved him in the Princess Bride. I loved him in Dead Like Me. I loved him on stage with Patti Lupone. I love him in Homeland. I REALLY loved sitting two seats in front of him at the Al Hirschfield Theater watching Kinky Boots last month in NYC (that was my double header day of Bill Cunningham in the morning and Mandy Patinkin in the afternoon).

And I was delighted to watch an interview with Mandy Patinkin by CBC interviewer extraordinaire Jian Ghomeshi on the arts & culture radio show Q in March. That I could have an ounce of his talent and a smidge of his thougtfulness.

"I’ve been scared. Fear ran my life, and the greatest lesson I learned… has been to stop thinking that I could run away from fear, of any nature. And I’ve been learning and practicing to invite any and every kind of fear to sit right on my shoulder, give it a front seat… Let it make me shake and sweat and be terrorized. I will eventually get bored with it and proceed… I can’t run away from it. And so I’m learning and practicing to let it be there. And it will be part of my process, work, journey for the rest of my life. But it consumed me so up until this point, and I no longer am trying to escape it. I welcome it into my life, every second. I encourage it".

Mandy Patinkin

Are you ever afraid? At different times I'm afraid of failing AND afraid of success. Afraid of wasting time. Of making the wrong decision. Of taking the wrong path. Afraid I'm not working hard enough. Or working too hard on the wrong things.

Sometimes the path is so clear and I feel so certain. Other times? Not so much.

"Let it make me shake and sweat and be terrorized"

How about you? What are you afraid of? Ready to welcome fear into your life?