Friday Salon

Friday Salon Mad Men art creative process twitter

[Last weekend was the official cottage opening weekend in central Canada - I miss the cottage!]

Back to the regular program...

We had a short week in Canada and the Americans get their short week next week. Surprisingly, it didn't feel hectic - even after spending 5 days away in Seattle. I'll be posting some photos and talking about my trip next week.

Let's just say that it's ALWAYS a pleasure to spend time with friends.

Speaking of friends, you may have noticed a few changes around here in the past couple of weeks. Here's the story behind the redesign and rebranding. Thanks Melanie!

The links.

Gatsby needed branding too.

Do you power tweet?

It may LOOK easy but it ain't easy.

UN vs. Prada. I think the UN wins.

Set design, Mad Men style.

Mad Men on Facebook.

Done is better than perfect.

I need more volume.


Overheard in the art world.

Hey, I'm going to a West Elm event hosted by Poppytalk on Saturday! Are you going to be there? She's also part of a nightmarket in Chinatown that just started.  I'll be going there more than once this summer. Other than that it's the usual farmers' market, ferrying the girl about to various playdates and activities and just general hanging out. Frisbee in the park - I'm getting a little frisbee obsessed.

What are you doing this weekend?