Foliophoto - small

dinkie toy dinky small foliophoto blue GT car 

Are you a saver or a thrower-outer? 

I'm definitely the latter while the man is the saver around here. You really need one of each.

This past weekend I was sorting through my clothes and the man happened to be nearby. Every, and I mean EVERY time I tried put something in the "donate pile", he told me why he loved that sweater/dress/top/shirt. 

Some things DID end up going back on the shelf.

I realized recently that this saver business is definitely inherited.

One of the reasons that we moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 2011 was to care for my mother-in-law. She is alone now since my father-in-law passed away. 

She's lived in the same home for almost 50 years. Although she's far from a hoarder, she is a saver. Many treasures to discover.

One of those treasures is the man's Hot Wheels/Matchbox collection. "Collection" sounds quite fancy - it's really an old shoebox full of small cars.

The girl has them now. They live in her playroom in a drawer filled with the plastic this and that from many different birthday party loot bags. Not so much treasured for being cars but treasured for being Daddy's toys from when he was a boy.

And by the way, she's a saver too. Always wanting to keep things "for good memberings". Her own treasures.

Join us next week - take a photo by June 4th inspired by the word "wrinkles". Instagram with hashtag #foliophoto and/or flickr and/or bloggy link-up by my partner-in-creative-crime Christie. Her small photo is here.  

I'll make a collage of our shots too and share it on twitter and FB as well as here with links to you - we're ALL about giving credit. See all the collages.