Foliophoto - window

 #foliophoto window

If it's Tuesday, June 11 then it must be the day to post my photograph inspired by the word "window".  

I had a few ideas for this photo. One was the view out of my bedroom window that looks out over a tree. This time of year the leaves are fresh and new and a bright vibrant green. When I'm lying down I can almost imagine that I'm in a treehouse.

Some sparrows have built a nest under the eaves and I usually wake up to their chirping at sunrise.

Luckily I'm a morning person. 

The other idea was to capture a window reflection like this one at my fave independent coffee place in Vancouver - Matchstick Coffee.

I'm picky about where I work. And it's not just about the coffee, although good coffee is a minimum requirement. I mean, this is the PNW!

I'm no different than any other creative person - I absorb the energy around me. Give me a place where creatives are working hard and I'll be working hard too. Where they aren't just hanging out but are making things happen. Writing, networking, planning, meeting, brainstorming. Rather than making excuses, they are making art. That is THE place for me. 

Join us next week - take a photo by June 18th inspired by the word "soft". Although I use a DSLR, you can use anything you want - an android or an iPhone are fine too. Instagram with the hashtag #foliophoto and/or flickr and/or bloggy link-up by my partner-in-creative-crime Christie (here's her window photo).  

I'll make a collage of our shots too and share it on twitter and FB as well as here with links to you - we're ALL about giving credit. See all the collages.