Foliophoto collage - wrinkle

foliophoto wrinkles

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This collage was created from gorgeous images inspired by the word "wrinkle". We are ALL about upping our visual game by creating a photograph each week inspired by a specific word prompt. 

Click on the links and visit the photographers' blogs and flickr pages. Show them some love. Do it!

But I wanna see YOUR shots so do this too:

Take a photo by Tuesday, June 18th inspired by the word "soft". Instagram it (#foliophoto) and/or add it to our flickr group and/or take part in the bloggy link-up by my partner-in-creative-crime Christie.

I use a DSLR but you can also use an android or an iPhone or anything that takes an image. 

I'll track down all your shots and make a collage and share it on twitter and FB as well as here with links to you - we're ALL about giving credit. See all the collages.