Recharging the tank

window summer trees

You know those lunches? Those ones where you meet a friend and time just zooms by? That lunch where you have so much to share with each other? Where you talk and talk and talk and feed off of each other's enthusiasm?  Where you encourage each other? Where you walk away happy and energized with all sorts of new ideas and much improved old ones?

I had one of those this week. And it was good. Very good. EXCEPTIONALLY good. 

And much needed.  

I met this guy for lunch. I think it was for an hour but it felt like 5 minutes. 

Between work and flu and general life stuffs, it's been a while since we got together. 

As usual I walked away inspired.  

I've said it before and you KNOW I'll say it again. And again.  

Online is great but face-to-face is even better. 

PS We're both going to Blog Podium in Toronto in September. He's a speaker. She is too.  

PPS Do you have mutually inspiring friendships? 

PPPS When was the last time you hung out with said friend? 

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