Friday Salon

Friday Salon

Hello my friends. Had a good week? The Tony Awards last Sunday were FANTASTIC. Great show, excellent ratings, back at Radio City Music Hall - it all bodes well for live theater in NYC. 

The three of us were camped out in front of the tv with lots of yummy snacks and crossed fingers for Matilda the Musical. One of my fave evenings of the year. 

Let's dive into the links. A few more, shall we say, eclectic than usual choices plus some Mad Men of course. Tell me what you think. 

The history of the cronut

The REAL Before Sunrise

 Matilda was robbed at the Tony Awards!

Everybody reads.  

Will Sally Draper need therapy?

Pussy Riot meets the Dinner Party (their documentary plays this month on HBO).

I'm STILL thinking about these costumes

Copying vs. inspiration

Silly Harvard!  

If Cosmopolitan Magazine was Marxist (via @hyperallergic) 

It'll be a fun weekend for the entire Harris family. I'm meeting Gabriel and other creatives for coffee on Saturday morning, the girl's best friend is sleeping over Saturday night and Sunday is Father's Day. Everyone wins!

Next week is ALTNYC and although I won't be there, I'll DEFINITELY be following along on twitter. You know me - I love that city. And being there with bloggy friends? Can it get ANY better? I think not.