Artist Lori Goldberg

Lori Goldberg

I held my first Raincoast Creative Salon evening on February 9, 2013.  The theme was "Can You See What I See" and we did some figure drawing led by Vancouver artist Lori Goldberg.

She is a master at breaking down the sketching of the human body in such a way that by the end of the evening, everyone was creating beautiful sketches. 


I thought that I'd share some of her work with you here, especially since she has a show that just opened this week in Vancouver and runs until July 7, 2013.  And of course I had a few questions for her too!

Let's hear from Lori.

How long have you been painting/drawing/etc?

I have been painting for a very long time...Let's say 30 years?

Did you ever feel like giving up? 

Never, I just felt like I wanted to immerse myself into it more.

Lori Goldberg

What's the favourite thing you've ever created?

I have many favourites over the years. There are a few components that I have to consider when I think of favourites. What the subject matter is, what medium I used and how and what were the circumstances that surrounded the creation of the work.

One favourite painting would be 'Fireflyrainygoodbye.' It was a painting inspired by fireflies, rain and saying goodbye. The size was around 5' x 6' and when I painted it, the brush and paint all came together seamlessly.

lori Goldberg

What does being creative mean to you?

Creativity is when you are in a  state of being that requires a connection to an authentic voice.

Lori Goldberg pomogranate

What kind of creative patterns or rituals do you have?

Most of us artists live dual lives. We work to make a living, parent to create a meaningful life and create to make a difference in this world. Each area demands a different focused mind yet there are overlaps.

The difficult parts are the transitioning. So sometimes I have to eat too much or do everything possible before I am ready to get down to work. It's the left/right brain crossover. But mostly I like to organize my space and put on my music, pull out my favorite artists, images and work that inspire me and then get down to it. 

Lori Goldberg   

What creative medium would you like to pursue but haven't yet?

I started with sculpture but stopped and I would like to get back to it  but I would be the artistic director and have others construct the work.  

Lori Goldberg

What is your dream project?

To create a meaningful collaborative sculptural project that would be in a public space. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Do what is right for you at the time but be open to ideas and support when it is given....Goes a long way.

I love that advice.

Rather than an either/or, it's an "and".

Do what is right for you AND be open to ideas and support. Not just "do what is right for you" full stop.

We may create on our own but the process is in part a conversation once we welcome feedback and ideas. It becomes a collaborative process with input sought and then integrated or discarded as we see fit. 

If you are in Vancouver, do stop by at her exhibition "In The Garden" from June 13th -July 7th.