Foliophoto - Soft

Soft AND strong

I have a 7 year old daughter (SUCH a fun age) and much of my role as a parent now is coaching her about friendships and relationships and generally, "how to be".  

I think a lot about the messages that I received as a young girl - don't be TOO much, don't be TOO loud. Don't be TOO big. Don't be TOO strong.  

There were a LOT of expectations about being soft. About being in the background. About dampening down. And clearly that if you were strong, you couldn't be soft.

It was one or the other. And it was the latter that was preferred.

What I want to teach my daughter is this: that it's not an either/or, it's not a choice between being strong OR soft. It's an "and" - she can be soft AND strong.

Wanna exercise your creative visual muscles with us in the #foliophoto project? Here's how.

Take a photo by Tuesday, June 25th inspired by the word "order". Instagram it (#foliophoto) and/or add it to our flickr group and/or take part in the bloggy link-up by my partner-in-creative-crime Christie.

(Her "soft" photograph is here). 

I use a DSLR but you can also use an android or an iPhone or anything that takes an image. 

I'll track down all your shots and make a collage and share it on twitter and FB as well as here with links to you - we're ALL about giving credit. See all the collages.

Find out more about the #foliophoto project here.