Road Trip to Seattle

Seattle travel tips road trip

I love to travel. The man loves to travel. The girl does too.

We plan most of our trips a year in advance. On paper. With coloured markers. Between school holidays and work trips and conferences, there's a lot of coordinating to do.

We also like the last minute trip. And the local trip.

A few weeks ago the girl had a couple of days off from school so we packed a few bags, grabbed our Canadian passports, hopped into the car, and drove south two hours to Seattle.

Seattle Ballard travel

I've been travelling to Seattle for years. Single days, dating days, married days, parent days - there have been a lot of iterations of Sandra in Seattle.

But having been out east for 10 years, I hadn't been to Seattle in a long time. I think once for a wedding and once for a jazz workshop. I had some Seattle catching up to do.

Seattle is a Richard Florida creative class case study with all of the smarty-pants people who live and work there.

Ballard Seattle road trip travel

Like mother, like daughter - taking her own travel photographs in Ballard. (As an aside - flights of whiskey seem to be THE thing in Ballard restaurants).

Skillet Diner Seattle travel

I'm always on the look out for yummy, independent breakfast places. The Skillet Diner in Capitol Hill was great. I like Lucky Diner in Belltown too.

Seattle travel

Having been to Seattle in different stages of life means different groups of friends too. I've got the high tech pals, the jazz workshop pals, the design blogger/creative pals and the man's childhood friends.

Loved meeting Uncle Beefy, Brianne, and Melanie for brunch at Tilikum Place Cafe. You might recognize this guy from Melanie's blog. The girl loved playing "older sister" to him.

Woodland Zoo Seattle travel

Have you been to the Woodland Park Zoo? I'll go back again! We've been to the playground next door a number of times but not the zoo itself. It's worth visiting - as natural and low key an environment as you can get in a zoo.

Elephant Car Wash Seattle

Watch a movie set in San Francisco, you'll see the Transamerica Building. Seattle? It's the Space Needle. But for me, it's the Elephant Car Wash downtown. In neon of course.

Other people shop, I get the car washed.

Elephant car wash Seattle travel

Other Seattle recommendations?

Trophy Cupcakes made for a yummy dessert for dinner at a friend's place in Fremont.

Of course you MUST have coffee in Seattle. Melanie and I met at Fremont Coffee Company and Milstead & Co. for some creative strategizing and brainstorming. Met Paola the next day at Fremont Coffee Company. We're in the same year long photography group and share a love for food photography.

I know that I keep going on about it (like a dog with a bone am I), but there really IS something special about hanging out face to face.

Fave places for dinner? Serious Pie in Belltown for amazing pizza, Marjorie in Capitol Hill and Revel in Fremont. Had some creative cocktails at Agrodolce in Fremont.

And a trip to Seattle is NEVER complete without a stop at Elliot Bay Books. And a new regular stop for me - Burnt Sugar in Fremont where the man and the girl secretly bought me some birthday presents.

I'll be back in July for a food photography workshop and we'll be back as a family later this summer too. It's too close and too great a place to pass up!

Have you been to Seattle? Live in Seattle? What are your fave spots?