Friday Salon

Friday Salon June 7 2013 Mad Men

Hello everyone! Have a good week? Despite some intrusions of real life around here, it's been a relatively decent. But that's being an adult, right? You deal with the big stuff AND you find joy in other moments. And a few laughs. Plus THE most amazing cherry pie EVER (Vancouverites, he's at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market every two weeks).

The links. 

ABC's for creatives. 

The first Sesame Street.  

He doesn't like Mad Men

Some Mad Men have bad breath.

7 ways to boost your creativity

Zooey Deschanel IS Amelia Bedelia

Liberace's costumes mattered

I can't get enough of Soderbergh's creative process

Back to the future.

I'm SUPAH excited because this weekend it's the Tony Awards! 5pmPST on Sunday. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. The girl will be waiting for the performances from Matilda, her fave musical.

How I love live theater and how I especially love it in NYC. I was dreaming of it when I was 11 years old. I STILL pinch myself each year when I'm in NYC at the theater.

And Christie and I would LOVE for you to join us in our #foliophoto project. Get creative! Photos inspired by the word "window" are due Tuesday. 

Til Monday...