Live with creative intent

Hey, I've missed you! I took a summer hiatus to spend time with my family and to fill the tanks, to recharge.

I waterskiied and wakeboarded and swam. Kayaked. Stayed up too late, slept in, made lots of yummy food. Played board games and card games.

Didn't do yoga every day nor held a plank for four minutes (those are still on the list!).

I read books, watched movies, laughed a lot. Worked on my food photography portfolio.

Skipped rope, played basketball and soccer. Ran along the beach. Made a sidewalk chalk mural. Painted with watercolours and cut and pasted. Saw friends. Daydreamed. Stared at the clouds. 

There was some sadness too as my mother-in-law passed away in July. The summer WAS a hiatus but it was even more about spending time with the man and the girl and grieving and celebrating a life well lived.

It gets you focused. 

Enough with the rules! 

I spent some time thinking about the "rules" that we live by, especially as a creative. And someone who blogs. 

The old rules are about how much to write and how often to write: post every day, not too long, lots of images.

How to be on social media: be everywhere, maximize the "likes", be consistent, share this on this platform and that on that platform. 

I love blogging and social media - I've met so many creative, talented, amazing people. I've made friends that I never would have met otherwise.  

But enough with the rules, the shoulds, the cookie cutter road map that someone over there said is THE way to be successful.  

For me it's all about intent. Knowing why I am doing whatever I am doing. You know, 'cause we each only have so much time. Let's make sure that we do what matters to us.

I create what I want to create. I spend time with my family and the friends who inspire. My community - the ones I know already and the ones that I will get to know in the future. People who are busy creating and making things happen.

Live with creative intent 

I'm excited about new projects and new collaborations and a few new series. And I'll be sharing them with you over the next weeks and months.

I've excited about my photography - I'm specifically working on my food and still life portfolio. Taking the steps to get some paid assignments too. 

I'm excited about seeing my friends reach their creative goals.

It's all about creative intent. What do you intend to do over the next while? Can I help you get there?