An Instagram is worth a thousand words

...or at least one or two blog posts.

instagram foliophoto photography community project - Sandra Harris

Have your social media preferences changed over the past while? Mine have.

I've been so-so about Facebook - for me it's too slow. And I get cranky when the terms of service change or I miss updates.

I've LOVED Twitter - the banter and the gatekeeping of links by others. It's the perfect cocktail party conversation.

Pinterest is good for inspiration but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming - I feel like I'm drowning in images.

But Instagram?  

I love Instagram! 

instagram foliophoto photography creativity - Sandra Harris

I really got it when I spent more time with it during my summer hiatus. Between the girl being off school, the man being on a bit of a sabbatical and my mother-in-law falling ill and then passing away, family was the focus. There wasn't time to do any large scale creative projects. I didn't have the energy either.

But I still needed to create despite what was happening in my day-to-day life.  And I still needed to connect with other creatives. I needed that community.

Storytelling, creative practice and community building all at once

foliophoto instagram photography community creativity - Sandra Harris

Instagram has a bit of a bad reputation amongst some creatives and photographers. I mean haven't we ALL taken shots of our lattes and shoes?  A dog or a cat here and there? I have. 

But that's part of it's charm. And creative challenge. If it's easy to take a photo then how can I make the best photo? On the fly. Under pressure.

For me Instagram is about upping my visual storytelling game, improving my photography and building creative community

This is where you come in!

Foliophoto October Instagram Project

instagram foliophoto photography community creativity -Sandra Harris

Christie of Bedsidesign and I are launching the 31 days of #foliophoto Instagram Project. Each day of October take an Instagram based on a word prompt. Hashtag #foliophoto so we can find each other. I wanna see your work and I want you to see mine. 

foliophoto instagram project - Sandra Harris

Don't worry about bookmarking this list - I have a link on my sidebar to Foliophoto that'll lead you STRAIGHT to it. 

So, are you in? And let me know where you are on Instagram so I can follow you!