We Are the Contributors Selfie Mini-Project on Instagram


Last week over at We Are The Contributors Melanie and I hosted our first mini-project. We gave an open invite to create seven selfies in seven days from Monday to Sunday on Instagram. Today I'm over at We Are The Contributors sharing what they created.  You won't believe how amazing they are! So creative. So inspiring.

And of course I did my own too. If there was a theme for me, it was experiment. I fooled around with face make-up, mirrors, angles and yes, even gender. Did a regular headshot too.

I took them all with my iPhone. Sometimes I had the phone in one hand and a bounce card in the other - there was a bit of coordination involved.

The clown is my sentimental favourite.

But the pink wig was fun. Having an eight year old means face paint and wigs at the ready.


Amazing what a little face paint and filters can do! It took a number of tries to get the right angle and light.

mirror Sandra Harris.jpg
Sandra Harris head shot.jpg

I'll definitely take more selfies. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve!

Want to see everyone's contributions? Search for the hashtag #aContributor.  And follow me on instagram too - @sandrat212.