Friday Links

Maui books.JPG

I shared on Instagram some of the books that we read while we were away in Maui - there were more too. When the Harris's travel, one suitcase is for clothes and the other is for books, games and craft supplies. I get stressed if I don't have enough to read. Once I ran out of books in Cuba and couldn't find any English ones in Havana so I've learned MY lesson. Or maybe learn to read Spanish. That'd work too.

We love books AND we love to travel.


Nuclear Wintour.

I'm tweeking my home and these'll provide some European inspiration.

Instagram ain't just latte photos.

I just knew him as the Professor.

A luxury for most, a privilege for some.

Dressing Downton Abbey.

I'm using this to change some habits (via Tammie Carpenter Bennett).

We know they retouch but the before & afters are interesting.

But let's talk about her art.

Their first times.

I started today with an inspiring google hangout with a group of creative friends - how much do I love having these pals around who "get" what I love and vice versa? THAT much.

This weekend? Consigning a couch that is a sentimental favourite BUT is also taking up SOOO much room in my tiny home office. The redesign of the space continues. Sunday the movers come to take the couch to the consignment shop. And next Tuesday the electrician arrives to install the track lighting. Next up after that? A coat of paint and some layout decisions. I'll be drawing up a quick floorplan and moving around shapes to see what's best. It's not like I have THAT many options with the size of the space.

The rest of the weekend? Some cooking and taking photos of said cooking. Playdates for the girl plus soccer plus drama class. Family movie afternoon. General hanging out. And letters F & G for the #foliophoto Instagram project! You joining us?