Friday Links

The above presented as evidence that even in the middle of nowhere on Maui, there STILL are antlers. Their reach is universal. Didn't see any ceramic owls, though.

Oh how I've been procrastinating, my friends. My We Are The Contributors project is due on Tuesday. I've had a month - a MONTH - and when do you think I started working on it? Started putting hands to materials? This week. But of course, why start early? I have nothing to say in my defense but to note that I DID spend a lot of time planning in my head at 3am while trying to get back to sleep.

Just in case you thought that I had my OWN creative process all worked out and tied up in a neat little package.

Linkage awaits.

A PERFECT rejoinder to Lena in Vogue.

Photoshop does THIS much!

Road trip songs.

Break those social media rules!

Sherlock translated.

Still with the selfies.

He helped  make TIFF what it is today.

I'd go see this.

I like Mrs. Hughes too.

Despite the procrastination, I HAVE been spending time getting other things done. The "turn the office into more of a studio" is zooming along quite well. Track lighting has been installed and the black behemoth otherwise known as a filing cabinet is all tarted up. Work table awaiting assembly. Room getting a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Cloud White on Tuesday. Photos to come. 

Can you tell that this little project is feeding my "need to renovate" bug?

This weekend? Hanging with friends, some photography and maybe even a little sleeping in. Next week I have another in my Creative Couples series. You will LOVE this interview.

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