Friday Links

Vintage teak rocker in my art studio - Sandra Harris

A sneak peek of the home office to art studio redo.

I've been working on the home office. Doesn't that sound grand? "Home office". It's really the tiny third bedroom that used to be a boys bedroom for the previous owners of this house. It came with blue walls, a blue pendant light fixture and blue striped roman blinds. Bluey blue as the girl would say when she was a little.

When we first moved in it became the home office with a sleeper couch, desk and lots of art supplies. The walls have been repainted Benjamin Moore Cloud White (my fave color and the color of the whole house), the sleeper couch consigned and excess art supplies purged. 

A new carpet, a new art table. The vintage teak rocker up from the basement (I will have it reupholstered soon). New roman blinds in the works. 

Now the links. A lot of videos this week - no great plan, that's just how it played out.

I've seen and done ALL of these.

Everyone loves it (the girl does too).

Art or climbing gym? (read the comments!)

The parents respond.

Art history IS worth something!

Ira Glass as live action typography.

Emptiness. And being fine with it.

I wish I had done this.

And in my fantasy early NYC 20's I'd eat like this.

One of my favorite photographers.

Passion IS just the start.

Sad news but of course he'll write about it.

But should you take that photo?

The weekend will be about having friends over for brunch and as usual, hanging out with the girl and the man. Sunday movie afternoon together - maybe a little Hayao Miyazaki (haven't seen Ponyo or Spirited Away in a while). Always coffee - I get a latte most days. Think I have a problem?

Tomorrow, (Saturday February 1st) starts a supah cool Instagram project hosted by the delightful Artsy Forager. You like art? You'll wanna do this one!