January #foliophoto Instagram Project


I can't get enough of Instagram. I love it's creativity. I love meeting new artists and photographers and creatives. I love seeing their work. I love seeing YOUR work.

And I REALLY love instagram side projects. (I am SO into side projects for 2014. Love).

Christie and I started with 31 days of October, followed that with 4 Fridays in November and now we're back with our first instagram project for 2014. Not the WHOLE year but 26 days starting in January.

foliphoto alphabet.JPG

Hmmm....26 days....a photograph with a hand-lettered alphabet...You  know what it is, right?

#foliophoto alphabet

Starting MONDAY, JANUARY 13th, take one photo each day inspired by that day's letter of the alphabet. It can be something that looks like that letter. It can be something that starts with that letter. Be literal. Be esoteric. You decide. Get creative. Go crazy. 

The point is to create an image. The point is also to make some new friends and build some community.

A little something every day for 26 days.

Instagram or twitter? Use the hashtag #foliophoto so we can find each other - I wanna see your work! And I want you to see my work too! Check out everyone's photos, leave comments, interact - it's social media, baby.

foliophoto alphabet.png

So do it. Join us. See you on Monday.