Friday Links

winter fruit tart - Sandra Harris

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Did you kiss your Valentine today? Didja? I put together a little gifty bag of treats for the man and the girl - specific for each of their tastes of course. One likes jelly bellies, one doesn't. One likes sweet tarts, the other doesn't. No problem sharing!

Still thinking about the food photography workshop that I went to last weekend in Seattle. Making creative plans and getting my ducks in a row. You know how it is - as soon as you can get that much closer to executing your artistic vision, then the goal posts move again.


My pen! (via Dave Cooper)

Breakfast with Michael C. Hall.

How did I miss this?

Why didn't I understand this?

Facebook with Walter White.

A bronze olive branch of sorts.

Fun with Instagram. Or, why didn't I think of that?

Fun with Bill.

Princess Bride is 25.

Why you may not be getting ahead.

Bigger than the Superbowl in Norway.

If it's satire, it's STILL true, right?

Memories of my childhood dog.

Memories of Kinfolk.

Memories of Sid.

Sheri wanted me to let you know that you have until Sunday, February 17th at 5pm EST to enter a giveaway for a wonderful online book called Homemade Winter. The photography and foody, crafty ideas are lovely. I've entered!

Watching the Winter Olympics? I like them better than the summer games but that's probably true of anyone in a northern or nordic country - we "get" these sports. We've all curled and cross-country skied and skated and downhill skied. And don't get me started on ice hockey - I'm not a huge fan (sacrilege here) but even I was up at 4:30am last Wednesday to watch the Canadian women beat the Americans 3-2. 

And this ad tears me up every time - we all play for Canada. Sniff...

Enjoy your weekend!