Food Photography Workshop - Pike Place Market

I love the control that you have with food photography - you decide every aspect of the shot from subject to composition. And my spontaneous side loves street photography - you never know what is going to happen, what shots you are going to get and how they are going to turn out. There's very little control. 

That "street" side of me was satisfied and challenged on day two of the Not Without Salt food photography workshop.

We met at Aran's studio and then walked up the hill to Pike Place Market. Ashley planned to buy ingredients for the day's recipes while Gabe would be taking photographs. We had the option to follow along with them or to strike out on our own and meet up later. They were available for any creative or gear-realated questions.

I loved their honest and thoughtful answers and advice. No pretense. Although we had a range of abilities and experience, they created an atmosphere where we felt like peers.

Lifestyle photography is about story. Story and food go together. Food IS story. Every time people gather together, whether it's for a quick latte or a celebratory meal, it's all around food.

Funny how things come full circle. When my parents' generation were young, they had relationships with the butcher and the greengrocer and the baker. They knew where their food came from. We are back to having that personal connection with the people who grow and make our food.

I enjoyed watching Ashley and Gabe visit with their favorite Pike Place Market purveyors. That's part of the story of food - it's not just shooting a finished dish in the kitchen or studio. It's not even during the preparation of the ingredients. 

Long before the mise-en-place, it's the story of the farmer and the butcher and the grocer and the shopkeeper.

After the market we returned to Aran's studio and did the final food shoots of the weekend.

There's something special about getting together with other creatives. I love my online creative pals and I love when we can get together in real life. And I also love learning face-to-face with others. Photography is an apprenticeship - we learn by doing it and we learn from shooting side-by-side with others who are better than us.

It was a great group of photographers - positive, keen, encouraging. And no snark! I'm SO over cynicism and snark masquerading as wit. 

And what an absolute pleasure having such a diverse group from Finland, Canada and Brazil in addition to the US.

Not Without Salt food photography workshop, Seattle - Sandra Harris

Thank you to Ashley and Gabe for your insight and creativity (they're on the left in the group photo looking so stylishly PNW). And thanks too to Aran for providing such a lovely studio to work in over the weekend.