Friday Links

It's been quite the week for us Canadians at the Olympics. We might be a large country geographically but we're "the little engine that could" at only 10% the population of our neighbours to the south. And although we speak English, our cultural ties to the northern European and nordic countries come out strongly during the Winter Olympics. We get to watch it all live too.

Huzzah for golds in women's and men's curling and women's hockey. The men's hockey final is on Sunday and I'll be up early watching it live.

It's also been a good week for getting focused on paid and unpaid work - what I can do in the next 90 days rather than thinking about the entire year. That's too overwhelming! I've already checked a few things off of the list. Funny how that works.



Now THAT'S a cover.

And this one too!

Wish I'd kept more of my art.

Chekhov would have been a great director (or, enough with the exposition!)

Move with the flow.

My other fantasy career.

2D goes 3D.

His apology wasn't enough.

We're all on the go a lot during the week so on the weekend I like to hang out with the girl and the man. Seeing friends on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the time? Getting outdoors, a family movie, some art making together. And of COURSE a latte or two at our fave coffee places in town. I'll be around on Instagram a bit too of course!

See you next week...