Friday links

Death of a Salesman with Phillip Seymour Hoffman

"you can't eat the orange and throw the peel away - is.not a.piece of.fruit!"

- Willy Loman

I can't stop thinking about Philip Seymour Hoffman. No, I didn't know him personally but as a lover of theater and film, I saw everything that he acted in but True West. In 2012 on an impulse I planned my biannual NYC trip to include seeing him in Death of a Salesman. From the third row. It's crazy to do something like that but for me, it's ALL about the experience. Nice stuff is well, nice, but I LOVE the experiences. I'll live in a box before I give up travel, museums and theater. (Watch A Late Quartet on Netflix - lovely ensemble piece with Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken and Mark Ivanir. Seen it twice.)


I love Jason Bourne too.

Side projects. Do them.

Wanna make a Van Gogh?

Grid vs. Instagram. Or Grid AND Instagram?

It doesn't get much simpler than this.


It's 43 minutes but it's the cast of SHERLOCK!

Screw the paps.

Debbie reads David on leadership.

Selfies are dangerous.

I met him last March and I'll see this in May.

Party dresses!

This weekend? It's the Oscars on Sunday - I used to watch them with my mom when I was a kid and we watch them together as a family now. Takeout gourmet burgers, some handout fries and camping out in front of the tv. The girl is rooting for Let It Go from Frozen to win for best original song. It's up against Happy BUT it has Disney behind it. We all know that the Oscars are about marketing, right?

Til next week!