Friday Links

Four Season Maui mai tai

Dreaming of the award-winning mai tai's at the Four Seasons in Maui. That's bing cherry foam on top, people!

I'm thinking a LOT about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. And feeling sad. If you like creative process and theater, at the bottom is an hour long video interview with the cast and director of Death of a Salesman from 2012. I was SO lucky to see a performance.

As you read this I'm in Seattle for the weekend - attending a food photography workshop and hanging out with Melanie too. Plus a little shopping. A Trader Joe's run on the way home. And jazz - Seattle is a GREAT live music town. But you knew that, right?


Sherlock solves a Sesame Street mystery.

Zosia models.

Art history for everyone!

They had snow then too.

They're going paper!

I DO need a new chair in the studio.

66 women artists you should know.

The anatomy of great content.

Capote had a creative side project.

Will Carrie get the job?

I want these shoes.

In case you missed it, I zoomed out my February newsletter this week. I write what I'd like to read about art and creativity - subscribe away and tell me what you think.

Next week the girl is off school for two days - lefty Canadian family holiday (created so we have at least one three-day weekend every month of the year). In other words, there'll be a lot of fun family time and a little less art-making. 

Smooches to you!