Friday Links

books vignette in the art studio

Can you feel spring coming? Just ordered new bathing suits for the girl - that's one of the signs of spring for us. When you spend much of the summer swimming and kayaking and wake boarding and water skiing you go through quite a few bathing suits!


Loved Deadwood. Doc narrated by Mr. Ellsworth.

Art AND social change? Heaven.

So two monks walked into a bar. Sort of.

It may be viral but it's a fashion film, people! They are models.

Wes Anderson takes it all seriously. My kind of seriously.

Puddles the Clown! (via Kim Werker)

Nobody looks like this.

Too true.

It IS a hard knock life.

I'm hoping that my new passport arrives next week - it's up for renewal and I feel so naked without it. I mean, what if there's some amazing thing in NYC or Seattle or somewhere else that I want to get to?

Next week Christie and I are announcing the latest #foliophoto Instagram challenge. You in? It'll start on March 24th. I've met SO many lovely arty, creative people through the other #foliphoto challenges - you will too!