Foliophoto Styling Instagram Challenge

foliophoto instagram

And we're back - Christie and I that is. We're back with the NEXT #foliophoto instagram project!

#foliophoto #stylingchallenge

You have one week of daily photo styling challenges. Think still life. It's all about composition and choice of objects. Arrange some items inspired by the daily prompt. Like the other challenges, if you're super busy, keep it simple. If you have the time, go crazy with it. Try something new - take a risk and expand your style repertoire.

The point is to create an image. The point is also to make some new friends and build some community. A little something every day for 7 days.

Instagram or twitter? Use the hashtag #foliophoto and #stylingchallenge so we can find each other - I wanna see your work! And I want you to see my work too! Check out everyone's photos, leave comments, interact - it's social media, baby.

Christie and I will share some of the shots on our blogs in early April.

March 24 - colour/color

March 25 - black & white

March 26 - metallic/metal

March 27 - creative tools

March 28 - food

March 29 - desk

March 30 - bedside table

Are you in?