Friday Links

The image above is one that didn't make the final cut for my article in Trouve Mag about Vancouver's Old Faithful Shop. Love the visual storytelling challenge - can I get you to feel like you are there with me?

Saw the doc and my rotator cuff injury should be all better in time for wake boarding and waterskiing this summer. Best news that I heard this week.

I've been freshening up around here (blogwise that is) - rewrote my About page and also reformatted my photography portfolio. And I didn't inadvertently delete anything in the process. Another huzzah!


Lena is so talented (and she isn't Hannah).

Don is so smart.

Franzen is so cranky.

I wanna go here next year. (via Giulia).

Better than leaning in.

Leaning in a little too far.

More than somebody's girlfriend.

Don't ask, don't get.


Somebody better step up!

It's museums! (via Hourglass Files).

On Monday starts the next #foliophoto Instagram challenge. This time is 7 days of styling. Christie and I have so much fun running these - we get to meet YOU and we get to see your work. Do it!

This weekend? The girl has an epic birthday party to attend during which the man and I will be slurping coffee, setting some goals for our work followed up by watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. My interview with Gabe and Ashley inspired me the man and I to get even more focused.

See you next week!