Friday Links

Alex storage in the art studio

I'm close to "done" with the home studio. Doesn't that sound so grand? It's really a tiny spare room that I've been manhandling into a studio space. And today I added something that lives in MANY studios around the world - the Alex from your friend and ours, IKEA. Thought I'd give you a sneak peak. It's full of brushes and art supplies and craft supplies. I get all giddy organizing my space. Now if only I could attack the mountain of mail that's just out of view behind me....

Besides that it's been a good week with lots of photography happening. And planning my next newsletter that should, (crossing my fingers) go out next week. If you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for? Original content just for us arty types.


Of course I HAD to include this.

I love me a good portrait.

Too true. Especially here on the west coast.

Architects gotta live somewhere.

Stop procrastinating! (via 99u)

Made me laugh.

In the studio with Wei Wei.

Mad Men is coming...

Love Creative Mornings even if I didn't get a ticket for today's event through the lottery!

She's a good sport.

True Detective in a stylish way.

The highly creative ARE different.

They're free!

This weekend? The girl's playing the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland tomorrow and is a wee bit nervous. Following in her grandmother's footsteps with the acting. Break a leg, baby, break.a.leg.

What else? My fave coffee place opened a second location last Wednesday and we'll swing by with the girl so she can share in the steamed milk. The usual family movie night (thinking Princess Bride) plus lots of board and card games AND baking some hamentaschen for Purim. Prune vs. poppyseed vs. chocolate - the debate never ends!

TED's coming to Vancouver on March 17th and I'm figuring out who to see.

There are still five days left in the latest We Are the Contributors mini-project on Instagram. Take a pic of something related to "paper" and tag it #aContributor by the end of next Tuesday. Melanie and I will share some of them at the WatC blog.

See you next week!