Friday Links

orange leather Eames office chair - Sandra Harris

What makes a good week for you? For me it's getting some exercise, seeing friends, hanging out with the man & the girl and making some art. Watching a good movie and reading a good book. It doesn't take much to make me happy. An extra boost this week was Grace Bonney of Design Sponge re-gramming my Instagram shot of part of my home studio makeover. It's been fun to take a room that was a dumping ground for what didn't fit elsewhere and turn it into a useful space that we want to be in.

And isn't that the joy of designing/renovating - solving the problem of these needs and that space. A couple of Victorian semis and a mid-century home later and I'm itching to renovate again.


Saw it at TIFF last September. In theaters now.

Art makes kids nicer and smarter.

It's coming

The "real" Mad Men - well, "woman".

Take criticism seriously, not personally.

The anti-social network.

Two monks walk into a Renaissance bar...

VEEP - humour so dry it just blows away.

Arty food or foody art?

A bookish Netflix round-up!

Get all creative.

Le weekend. I've been trying to stay off social media on Saturdays & Sundays (a couple of Instagram posts perhaps) in order to delineate work/screen time from family/home time. I like it.  I like it a lot. More of that living with intent.

This weekend? Of course there'll be coffee somewhere. And doing something outside in addition to the man doing his road biking. The girl and I started a diorama that we will finish up. In the mood for a little bamboo brush script writing too. And reading My Life in Middlemarch (I'm getting more active on Goodreads and writing reviews of the books I've read. I know - FINALLY!). And of course some cooking & making photographs OF the cooking.

Next week is the next installment of my creative couples interviews - this time it's William and Susan Brinson of House of Brinson. And I'll be zooming out my April creativity newsletter - all original content with creative inspiration and practical ideas. Sign up on the sidebar.

Do you have a newsletter? I'm loving putting it together each month. It's different than a blog post because you know exactly who will be reading it. I actually imagine you when I'm writing it - crazy, I know.

Til next week.