Foliophoto Instagram Styling Challenge

Every few months Christie and I host a #foliophoto Instagram challenge. I make new friends/grow my creative community and challenge myself. For me it's an ongoing side project where I try to make the best possible shot within a particular constraint.

As a quick aside to demonstrate the power of side projects, did you know that Christie is now doing calligraphy full-time? Both creating and teaching? Did you know that she started learning last year? If you have an interest, keep pursuing it. Keep working at it. Use side projects to hone your skills.

And did you know that since we started #foliophoto last fall that we have over 2,900 images tagged #foliophoto? Now THAT'S community.

This latest challenge was a 7 day styling challenge with a new prompt each day - color, metal, black & white, food, creative tools, desk, bedside table. What follows below is the images created based on the prompt "creative tools". (Click through on each image to the maker's instagram account).

I would LOVE to have you take part in the next one and will announce it here and on Instagram (think early May). Do you take part in Instagram challenges? Any that I should know about?