Friday Links

Queen West Street, Toronto

Queen West Street, Toronto

I got back a few days ago from a fab week in Toronto with the man and the girl. We built the trip around TIFFKids (Toronto International Kids Film Festival) where they showed 112 movies from 31 countries in 10 days (we saw 6). I go to TIFF every September to get my film fest fix and it's a pleasure to share that with the girl at a film festival pitched at her age. They know how to do it right!

Saw friends, ate here,  here, here and here. Drank lattes here and here. Took photos of Victorian homes in my old 'hood (the Annex) and graffiti in Graffiti Alley. Went to ROM and the AGO (Francis Bacon and Henry Moore do nothing for me). Walked a lot. Shopped a bit too. 

It was grand.


Create that body of work already.

High tech Warhol.

Tumblr pick.

I'm in a Dickens' novel!

Meh so far but love the analysis-paralysis!

Enough with the link bait.

Do we even know what #normcore is?

You might just need this.

But eat some ramen first. Properly.

Famous literary meals.

Unfriend at your own risk.

Hip hop meets art history.

Disney meets menstruation.

Cindy Sherman on James Franco.

As sometimes happens when traveling, I've been felled by a cold. A little cranky, a little hacking happening too. But it IS the weekend! We have sleepovers, family movie night, some walking and biking and just hanging.

Til next week.