Friday Links

succulent terrarium - Sandra Harris

It's the weekend! Solo parenting at this end - the man is away for work til Sunday so it's just the two amigos instead of the three amigos. He'll return the favor later this month when I'm off to NYC for 5 days. Meeting a pal from London (doesn't that sound all jet-setty?). I go once a year to see/with friends and once a year with the girl and the man. We all need our arts & culture fix!


Make museums fun.

Make museums new.

S**t my photo prop says.

FB springcleaning.

Everyone needs a Vera. (thanks Kayla!)

I want this book (via Laura at 11d)

I bought this book.

How DO you say LOL?

Frozen continues.

She is such a smartypants and so inspiring.

Archival photos for everyone!

How to avoid BS.

I'm taking part in a vignette instagram challenge that just started yesterday. It's based out of Australia so I'm always a day behind with the time change but there are a TON of people taking part. Love the styling challenge.

May is a CRAZY month for us - two birthdays, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary AND within about 10 days, I'm out for 5 nights. Yes, FIVE nights. That never happens. And I've had to turn things down - it's like EVERYONE has scheduled their creative cool stuff for the two middle weeks in May.

Had we been more clever about it we would've picked a different month for the wedding.

See you Monday!