Travel to Seattle - the London Plane

I'm lucky to live only a few hours north of Seattle by car. How many hours it takes depends upon the border between Canada and the US - I've done it in 2 1/2 hours and on occasion it's taken as much as four hours. It's a study in patience. Not my strongest trait.

I saved up some podcasts and downloaded an audio book to help pass the time. This time it was Rob Lowe's second memoir Love Life plus Design Sponge and Marc Maron's WTF.

I drove down to attend Melanie Biehle's opening night art show at Velouria. The show was on Saturday night and that morning I knew exactly where I wanted to have breakfast - it was the London Plane in Pioneer Square.

hot cereal breakfast at the London Plane, Seattle - Sandra Harris

Of course I instagrammed my breakfast - hot bluebird grain farms cereal with poached apricots & almonds. And filter coffee - I enjoy their choice of not having an espresso machine.

It has a European feel to it - the double height ceilings, the menu items, the decor.

Here are some photographs from my visit.